Undergrad Research

Undergraduate research is an integral part of the Schrader lab. Undergrads gain valuable research experience and are expected to manage their own independent research project.

Exceptional undergraduate students interested in research in the Schrader lab should:

1) Read a few of the publications to get an overview of the types of research going on in the lab.

2) If the research topics are of your interests, you should read the Schrader lab undergraduate research contract to get an idea of the expectations of working in the lab.

3) For you to have enough time to get anything accomplished you should be able to spend at least 9 hours in the lab a week and be able to come in on any given weekday to check the status of your cells.

4) If you are still extremely interested at this point, you should submit your information on this webform stating your motivations to work in the lab, why you are interested in our research, how it would help you in your career path, and your basic information (For example: Sophomore, Bio major, GPA, etc.).

Basic requirements:

Minimum of 3.0 GPA

Interest in basic research

Science Major (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics)

Have at least 9 hours a week (spread across 3 or more weekdays) to spend in the lab

Pathways for undergraduate research

Bio 3990 for credit


Rebuild Detroit