Welcome to the Schrader Lab

The Schrader Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Wayne State University is focused on understanding RNA based genomic regulatory mechanisms in bacterial cells. Using a systems biology approach we combine genomics, biochemistry, and genetics to reveal the genomic regulatory programs that control bacterial development.

The Schrader lab is currently recruiting graduate students. Interested Ph.D. or M.S. students should apply to the Wayne State Biological Sciences Graduate Programs. Current Ph.D. or M.S. students should contact professor Schrader to discuss possible projects.

Undergraduate students interested in research please read the instructions here. Preference is given to undergrads interested in careers in research. All undergraduate positions are currently filled.


2018 - Mohammed and James passed their oral qualifying exams, congrats!

2018 - James won a graduate teaching award! Congrats James!

2018 - The lab's first paper has been accepted to Molecular Cell! Congrats Nadra!

2018 - Nisansala and Alisa joined the lab

2018 - Nadra's paper has been submitted!

2018 - Mohammed and James passed their written qualifying exams! Congrats!

2017 - Mohammed, James, and Nadra with 3 of 4 best poster awards at the departmental retreat!

2017 - James awarded best graduate poster at the MI-ASM branch meeting

2017 - Obaidah was awarded a UROP award

2017 - R35 grant funded through NIGMS

2017 - Mohammed and James joined the lab

2015 - Nadra joined the lab

2015 - Schrader lab officially opens

Our Caulobacter integrated genomics paper was cited on Faculty of 1000.


CauloBrowser: A systems biology resource for Caulobacter crescentus

Experimentally based annotation of the Caulobacter crescentus genome